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TR3VON 2023 Photoshoot

"What was meant for your demise can be used for your uprise".  


Born on September 26th in Chicago, Illinois, Tr3von grew up in a single-parent household, facing family struggles that fueled his determination to make a difference through his vocal and lyrical talents. From an early age, he captivated family gatherings with his singing and dancing, showcasing his innate performance skills.


At the age of 10, Tr3von relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he joined the prestigious Metropolitan Boys Choir. This opportunity allowed him to perform at numerous venues, including the renowned Orchestra Hall. His experiences with the choir laid a strong foundation for his future in the performing arts. During his adolescence, he honed his craft further by attending the John Robert Powers Performing Arts School, where he continued to develop his passion for writing and performing.


In 2011, Tr3von discovered his love for acting and co-starred as "Deacon" in the production 'The Devil Didn’t Raise Me.' His performance was well-received, with audiences moved to tears and his comedic talent earning rave reviews. This experience solidified his decision to pursue acting more seriously. He subsequently played 'Javon' in the production "You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone," which toured cities such as Minneapolis, Denver, and Chicago, and garnered attention from fans in Mississippi and Nebraska.

Tr3von also became part of the prestigious ensemble of the 3x Grammy Award-winning music group Sounds of Blackness, performing in their production 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' at the Guthrie Theater.


Today, Tr3von continues to build his fan base nationwide. He is actively writing, recording, and performing new music, blending mainstream Pop with a flair of R&B/Soul. With his unwavering dedication and boundless ambition, there is no height Tr3von is afraid to reach.


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